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A Simple Explanation of COGROUP in Apache Pig

The COGROUP command in Apache Pig is somewhat confusing because it is sort of both a GROUP and a JOIN.


In its simplest form, COGROUP is exactly the same as GROUP. It groups rows based on a column, and creates bags for each group.

For example, assume we have a data set of animal owners:

$ cat > owners.csv

We could COGROUP on animal using the Pig code:

owners = LOAD 'owners.csv' 
    USING PigStorage(',')
    AS (owner:chararray,animal:chararray);

grouped = COGROUP owners BY animal;
DUMP grouped;

This returns a list of animals. For each animal, Pig groups the matching rows into bags. The resulting table grouped is:

group owners
cat {(adam,cat),(alice,cat)}
dog {(adam,dog),(steve,dog)}
fish {(alex,fish)}

COGROUP Two Tables

Where COGROUP gets fancy is that you can COGROUP on two tables at once. Pig will group the two tables and then join the two tables on the grouped column. For example, assume we also had a data set of pet names:

$ cat > pets.csv

Given this table, we could compare for example all the people with a given animal to all the names of that animal. The COGROUP command is:

owners = LOAD 'owners.csv' 
    USING PigStorage(',')
    AS (owner:chararray,animal:chararray);

pets = LOAD 'pets.csv' 
    USING PigStorage(',')
    AS (name:chararray,animal:chararray);

grouped = COGROUP owners BY animal, pets by animal;
DUMP grouped;

This will group each table based on the animal column. For each animal, it will create a bag of matching rows from both tables. For this example, we get:

group owners pets
cat {(adam,cat),(alice,cat)} {(paws,cat),(wiskers,cat)}
dog {(adam,dog),(steve,dog)} {(fido,dog),(rex,dog)}
fish {(alex,fish)} {(nemo,fish)}

In summary, you can use COGROUP when you need to group two tables by a column and then join on the grouped column.

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